Graduate Students

balogna Uni 2
Museo Civico Medievale, Bologna (Photo by Eric Santner)

Nicholas Andes

Research Interests: modernism and critical theory, literary representations of nature, history and theory of criticism, literature and the visual arts/literature and music
Cohort Year: 2021
Burnfin Headshot

Daniel Burnfin

Research Interests: The relation between classical German literature, the sciences and 19th century German philosophy; the relation between ‘critical’ and ‘speculative’ thought, Jena 1794-1807; the history of Hegel-reception and the influence of neo-Kantianism
Cohort Year: 2015
Ducey Headshot

Charles Ducey

Research Interests: The concept of "Geist", hermeneutics, early 20th-century fiction, the linguistic turn, metaphor and symbolism; 19th century literature, 20th century literature, German philosophy of language, Begriffsgeschichte
Cohort Year: 2018
Naomi Headshot

Naomi Holzapfel

Research Interests: Romantic nationalism, German culture/society, modern myth-making, folklore and fairytales, the edifying function of literature, the works of Thomas Mann and Goethe
Cohort Year: 2020
Yun Ha Kim Headshot

Yun Ha Kim

Research Interests: Comparative Modernisms, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its Writers, Visual Art.
Cohort Year: 2019
Kretz Headshot

David Kretz

Research Interests: philosophy of history, hermeneutics, translation theory, philosophical anthropology, modern social thought
Cohort Year: 2018
Marich Headshot

Gina Marich

Research Interests: aesthetics and the philosophy of art; literary aestheticism; realism; the modern novel.
Cohort Year: 2018
Peter Metzel

Peter Metzel

Research Interests: Early enlightenment poetry, Enlightenment thinking, development of semiotics since the 18th century
Cohort Year: 2017
nick headshot

Nathan Modlin

Research Interests: Multilingualism, hermeneutics, film theory and criticism; German and Austrian-Jewish literature from the fin-de-siècle to the contemporary period.
Cohort Year: 2020

Ella Wilhelm

Research Interests: Theories of secularization, the media theory of religion, narratology (especially formalism and structuralism), word and image studies, print culture, and dramaturgy.
Cohort Year: 2017