Friedrich Hölderlin, “Über die verschiedenen Arten zu dichten” (Württembergische Landesbibliothek Stuttgart)
Friedrich Hölderlin, “Über die verschiedenen Arten zu dichten” (Württembergische Landesbibliothek Stuttgart)

Dissertations are arranged by year, according to defense date.


"Orienting Pleasures: Identity and Language, 1900/2000"
Tae Ho Kim
June, 2023

"World, Universe, and Heterocosm in the Early German Romantic Project of Universal Poetry (1795-1802)”
Ella Wilhelm
July, 2023

„Dramaturgie des Bürgerkrieges: Schiller, Grillparzer, Hebbel“
Peter Metzel
July, 2023


"Revelation and Thought: A Study in the Age of Goethe"
Joseph Haydt
June, 2022

"Greater than Itself: Value, Capital, and Involuntary Unemployment in Classical Political Economy"
Daniel Burnfin
July, 2022

"Faltering Language: On German-Yiddish Literature"
Matthew Johnson
July, 2022


“The Pulse of Prosody: Versification and Antiquity in the Age of Weimar Classicism”
Simon Friedland
June, 2021

"The Learning-Piece, from the Weimar Republic to the Postwar Era: A Critical-Historical Reassessment"
Noah Zeldin
April, 2021



"Classical Music on Screen: Affect and Ambivalence in Nazi Film"
Emily Dreyfus
July, 2020

"The Gift of Metamorphosis: Goethe's Poetic Science of Form"
Daniel Carranza
June, 2020

"Censorship, Secrets, Correspondences, and Freedom: The Literary Public in the Viennese Biedermeier"
Tamara Kamatovic
May, 2020


"Fragile Räume: Eingriffe in den Mythos des Zuhauses (1905 - 1936)"
Mirjam Berg
December, 2019

"Reading with Belief: Literary Romance in Goethe, Shakespeare, and Hitchcock"
Ethan Chesney Blass
November, 2019

"Reading Recognition: The Poetics of Poetic Realism"
Jessica Resvick
June, 2019

"Trials by Water: Law, Sacrifice and Submergence in German Realism"
Alexander Sorenson
April, 2019


"Irreversible: Kleist, Kafka, and the Present's Past"
Matthew Jake Fraser
July, 2018


"Theater against the Turn: Acting Dialectics at Frank Castorf's Volksbühne"
Amy Carolyn Stebbins
October, 2018


"A Philosophy to Live By: Goethe's Art of Living in the Spirit of the Ancients"
Georginna Anne Hinnebusch
October, 2018


"Tradition, Transmission, Translation: Narrative Frames in Nineteenth-Century German Novellas"
Maeve Catherine Hooper
November, 2018