Interdisciplinary Centers

David Rubenstein Forum
David Rubenstein Forum

The University of Chicago is known for its many Centers and Institutes sponsoring cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, law, public policy, and medicine. They host major conferences and public lectures, sponsor collaborative research projects, support faculty and student research, and foster international exchange. Among those most relevant to faculty and students in Germanic Studies are:

Center for Interdisciplinary Research

Founded in 2001, the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on German Literature and Culture supports collaborations among the many scholars at the University of Chicago whose work bears on the cultural traditions of the German-speaking lands. 

The Center’s primary focus is the organization of conferences, workshops and lectures, but on occasion it also sponsors art exhibitions and musical performances. An important aspect of the Center’s mission is the initiation and support of international research collaborations. To this end the Center maintains an active program of student- and faculty-exchanges with the University of Konstanz, while also providing a forum for short-range visits to Chicago by scholars from other European institutions.