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Brigitte Riesebrodt, “Collage 7” (2019), oil, wax, and tusche on paper and wood. Courtesy of the artist.
Brigitte Riesebrodt, “Collage 7” (2019), oil, wax, and tusche on paper and wood. Courtesy of the artist.

The Germanic Studies Department at the University of Chicago is committed to a communicative approach to language learning, which will prepare you to use German both in academic and professional contexts. Working closely with the University of Chicago Language Center, we help our students learn to verbalize their thoughts, support and defend their opinions on abstract and concrete topics, and create with German in a meaningful way.

For questions regarding placement tests email the director of the language program: Maeve Hooper (

For minoring/majoring in German email the director of Undergraduate studies: Sophie Salvo (

Language Testing

Foreign Language Proficiency Certificates

It is recommended that students studying German complete one of the College’s Language Proficiency Certificates (Practical or Advanced) as documentation of functional ability in German. Students who successfully pass a University of Chicago oral and written proficiency test will receive a certificate of proficiency in a foreign language and will have this proficiency noted on their transcripts. Students are eligible to take the Advanced examination after they have completed courses beyond the second year of language study and subsequently have spent a minimum of one quarter abroad in an approved program. FLAG students are also eligible.

For more information, contact Maeve Hooper at, and consult Language Assessment

Placement Testing

The German Placement Test is offered online to students registered at the University. Students may only take the Placement Test once. A score on the test does not confer credit, rather, it provides students with an entry point into the German language program. For questions or issues regarding placement, please contact the Director of the Language Program, Maeve Hooper,

Accreditation Testing

For issues regarding accreditation, please contact the Director of the Language Program, Maeve Hooper,


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