Noah Zeldin

Zeldin Headshot
Cohort Year: 2013
Research Interests: a. Modernism; Twentieth-Century German History; Critical Theory and Political Economy; culture, economy and politics of interwar Germany; sociology of art; ethnomusicology; quantitative approaches to textual analysis
Education: Bachelor of Music (Composition), Northwestern University, 2011

My interdisciplinary dissertation offers a critical-historical reassessment of the learning-pieces [Lehrstücke] of dramatists Bertolt Brecht and Heiner Müller and composers Hanns Eisler and Cornelius Cardew. I employ a variety of methodologies, from statistical analyses of newspaper articles from the 1930s to formal analyses of music and text, in order to examine this heterogenous group of works and to ground them in their respective historical contexts. In particular, I emphasize the central role played by the workers’ cultural and educational associations of the Weimar Republic in the production and reception of the learning-pieces of Brecht and Eisler. As part of the dissertation project, I conducted archival research at the Academy of Arts in Berlin on a Fulbright research grant in 2018/19. My secondary research project concerns the economic and theoretical writings of Alfred Sohn-Rethel.

Teaching Experience

  • GRMN 21603: Drama (instructor, winter 2020)
  • GRMN 21603: Drama (instructor, winter 2018)
  • GRMN 15005: Advanced German in Vienna (instructor, autumn 2016)
  • GRMN 15003: Intermediate German in Vienna (instructor, autumn 2016)
  • GRMN 15002: Elementary German in Vienna (instructor, autumn 2016)
  • GRMN 20300: Short Prose (instructor, winter 2016)
  • GRMN 20300: Short Prose (instructor, fall 2015)
  • GRMN 10300: Elementary German for Beginners III (instructor, spring 2015)
  • GRMN 10200: Elementary German for Beginners II (instructor, winter 2015)
  • GRMN 10100: Elementary German for Beginners I (instructor, autumn 2014)