Fortieth Annual German Studies Association Conference

Sep 29, 2016 | 12:00PM

We would like to acknowledge all of our faculty members and graduate students who participated in the Fortieth Annual German Studies Association Conference! 

Faculty Contributions
Margareta Christian
Seminar: "Lyric Matters"

Florian Klinger
Talk: "Life and Purpose" (Panel: "Re-reading Kant’s Critique of Judgment")

David Wellbery
Seminar: "Lyric Matters"

Christopher Wild
Talk: "'Grüne Gläser': Kleist’s Literary Epistomology and Anagnorisis" (Panel: "Anagnorisis and the Epistemology of Literature: From Kleist to Benjamin")

Graduate Student Contributions
Daniel Carranza
Seminar: "Lyric Matters"

Fabian Goppelsroeder (Visiting Scholar)
Talk: "Calendar Tale and the Poetics of Circumscribed Space" (Panel: "Media Aesthetics and Small Form: From Calendar Tale to Digital Microblogging"

Jessica Resvick
Talk: "Editing and Editions: Adalbert Stifter’s Die Mappe meines Urgroßvaters and the Recension of Memory" (Panel: The Business of Literature (3): Editorial Practice")
Moderator: "Anagnorisis and the Epistemology of Literature: From Kleist to Benjamin"

Alex Sorenson
Talk: "The Drowning Scene: Polis, Paralipsis, and Sacrifice in Theodor Fontane’s Unwiederbringlich" (Panel: "Theodor Fontane: Aesthetics, Rhetoric, Politics (2)")

Amy Stebbins
Talk: "From Green Glasses to Night Vision: Kleist’s Penthesilea at the Bavarian State Opera (2016)" (Panel: "Communicating War and Violence since 1914 (3): Multimedia War Transmissions")