Mirjam Berg

Mirjam Berg received a Magister in German Literature and Political Science from the University of Bonn in 2010 with a thesis on the poetological significance of taking a walk in the works of Robert Walser, Thomas Bernhard, and Peter Waterhouse. Before joining the department in 2011, she spent a year as a visiting student at the German Graduate Program of Johns Hopkins University. Mirjam is currently working on a dissertation, which investigates the concept of 'home' and its proliferation in diaristic novels by women writers of the early twentieth century. Primary authors include Margarete Böhme, Emmy Hennings, Irmgard Keun, and Annemarie Schwarzenbach. Publications on the correlation between the perception of the city and of the text in works by Rilke and Keun as well as on the significance of the writing room in Rilke, Woolf, and Keun are forthcoming. Mirjam is also a passionate language instructor and has taught elementary classes as well as self-designed intermediate and advanced courses.