Faculty and Staff

Reflecting the strong interdisciplinary ethos of the University of Chicago, members of the faculty in the Department of Germanic Studies often have joint (or even multiple) appointments in the Humanities, as indicated.

In addition, our affiliated resource faculty extends the department's intellectual and disciplinary reach, featuring scholars in Art History, Cinema and Media Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology, among others. The department's course offerings reflect the faculty's broad-ranging interests. For further insight into the faculty's interests and research, you can find a selection of their publications here.

Emily Anderson

Department Administrator
Classics 25F
(773) 702-8494

Catherine Baumann

Senior Lecturer in Germanic Studies and the College
Cobb 214
(773) 702-8008

Colin Benert

Lecturer in Germanic Studies

Nicole G. Burgoyne

Assistant Instructional Professor of Germanic Studies and the Humanities Collegiate Division

Margareta Ingrid Christian

Assistant Professor of Germanic Studies; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Maeve Hooper

Director of the German Language Program; Senior Lecturer in Germanic Studies
Cobb 502

Kimberly Kenny

Senior Lecturer in Norwegian
Classics 415
(773) 702-8494

Jessica Kirzane

Assistant Instructional Professor
Cobb 501

Florian Klinger

Associate Professor in Germanic Studies and the College; Director of Graduate Studies
Wieboldt 114

Frederic Kopp

Lecturer in Germanic Studies

David Levin

Addie Clark Harding Professor in Germanic Studies, Cinema and Media Studies, Theater and Performance Studies, and the College; Chair, Committee on Theater and Performance Studies
Wieboldt 122
(773) 702-8532

Catriona MacLeod

Frank Curtis Springer and Gertrude Melcher Springer Professor in the College and the Department of Germanic Studies
WB 402

Shiva Rahmani

Assistant Instructional Professor - Humanities Collegiate Division

Sophie Salvo

Assistant Professor of Germanic Studies
Weiboldt 117

Eric L. Santner

Philip and Ida Romberg Distinguished Service Professor in Modern Germanic Studies, Professor of Germanic Studies, Committee on Jewish Studies, and the College
Wieboldt 204
(773) 702-8494

David E. Wellbery

LeRoy T. and Margaret Deffenbaugh Carlson University Professor in the Department of Germanic Studies, Comparative Literature, Committee on Social Thought, and the College; Chair of the Germanic Studies Department
Wieboldt 404
(773) 702-2372; (773) 702-8494

Christopher J. Wild

Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division; Professor of Germanic Studies, Theater and Performance Studies, and the College; Associated Faculty in the Divinity School
HM 230
(773) 702-2959