Clemence Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Headshot
Cohort Year: 2012
Research Interests: Material form dynamic in Judeo-Christian and classical strains of Western culture
Education: B.A. Literature, Harvard University, 2010

Clémence Kavanaugh graduated from Harvard University in 2010 with a B.A. in Literature. She thinks of form and materiality as opposite poles of a continuum along which bodies-- organic, poetic, or both-- travel. It isn't, however, the sort of traveling you do for fun, as it frequently involves undergoing a kind of violence.  This is almost all she thinks about, whether in connection to the enduringly and universally popular Lohenstein or to lesser known authors such as Goethe, Rilke, and Novalis. Following her reading of Auerbach's Mimesis, she also thinks a great deal about what has been nicknamed the "Athens versus Jerusalem" problem, particularly the ways in which the Judeo-Christian and classical strains of Western culture might inform the aforementioned material-formal dynamic.