Theater and Performance Studies Workshop

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The workshop in Theater & Performance Studies seeks to provide a forum for questions of performance that have arisen in a host of disciplines across the divisions, including Anthropology, Cinema & Media Studies, East Asian Languages and Cultures, English, Germanic Studies, History, Music, Romance Languages, and Slavic Languages.  In addition, the workshop seeks to extend to the graduate level a systematic reflection on the longstanding divide between the theories and praxes of performance that has, for the past few years, animated work in the undergraduate committee on theater and performance studies.
The workshop also provides forums in which to prepare for international conferences, such as The Praxes of Theory, which was held on campus in May 2010 in collaboration with the Institute for Theater Studies at the Free University of Berlin. Like that conference, this workshop seeks to query the nature and limits of the split between artistic practice on the one hand (in dance, opera, film, and theater) and academic thinking about that practice.