The Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry: "Several Skins"

April 16, 2016

Started in 2014, the Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry’s biannual summits touch down somewhere on the continental U.S. every winter(ish) and summer(ish). These semi-public meetings are the foci of reflection on activities and engagements aiming to open new possibilities of attending to the unconscious in the present; they serve as opportunities to collaborate with with other groups, to present works in progress, hash out theoretical debates, and devise future plans.

“Several Skins” couples the unconscious with questions of the flesh, skin, surface and body.  Through —  an interview with Eric Santner —  a consideration of the base matter and body of art according to Georges Bataille — a discussion of the body and sexual difference in the feminist writings of Jacqueline Rose, and  — a critical examination of US mental-health policy and the management of the body-politick.

For more information, including a program of evens, please see the summit website.