Old Media – Modern (Re)Configuration

November 11, 2011

9am-5pm -- Wieboldt 206

Organized by Christopher Wild (Chicago) & Christian Kiening (Zürich)

It is a basic insight of any historically informed study of media that new media do not simply replace older ones but that they integrate them, and thereby enable functional differentiation, foster higher complexity, and finally make them observable. Thus, they offer us a double perspective. On the one hand it becomes possible to understand how media concepts of a given period are shaped, on the other the images this given period presents of the past come into focus, i.e. the old media become an object of inquiry . Therefore, a different mode of media studies takes shape: one that examines the phantasies and images that form our ideas of what media not necessarily are – but have been and could be.

The workshop brings together scholars from different departments and disciplines at the Universities of Chicago and Zürich. It invites them to take up specific texts, images or objects of the early modern and modern period in which medial forms are exposed in relationship to older configurations. The participants will not give papers but rather present and frame their primary materials (which will be made available in the form of a pdf-reader) in order to generate discussion. In other words, the workshop is conceived as a forum for intellectual exchange rather than finished work.

For more information contact: wild@uchicago.edu


9:30–10:15 Susanne Reichlin (Zürich): The Cross

10:15–11:00 Aden Kumler (Chicago): The Host

11:00–11:30 Coffee

11:30–12:15 Aleksandra Prica (Zürich): Ruins

12:15–1:00 Jan Lazardzig (Berlin/Chicago): Theater Machines

1:00–2:00 Lunch

2:00–2:45 Robert Bird (Chicago): Models

2:45–3:30 Patrick Jagoda (Chicago): Virtual Worlds

3:30–4:00 Coffee

4:00–5:00 Christian Kiening (Zürich): Film/Drama