Image and Myth Conference

December 4-5, 2013

A conference to celebrate the English translation of Image and Myth by Luca Giuliani (The University of Chicago Press, 2013).

Wednesday December 4, Rosenwald 015 (1101 E. 58th Street)

4:30 PM: Keynote lecture by Luca Giuliani
(Rector of the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin and Professor of classical archaeology at the Humboldt University of Berlin):

Images of Myth and Images of Genre: On the Use and Abuse of a Common Dichotomy

Thursday December 5, The Franke Institute for the Humanities (1100 E. 57th Street, JRL S-118)

8:45AM – 9:15AM: coffee

9:15AM: opening

9:30AM – 11:45AM 

David Wellbery: Image and Myth – from Lessing to Giuliani

Lorraine Daston: A Word Is Worth a Thousand Images

Richard Neer: Space, Time, and the Parthenon

2:00PM – 4:15PM

Gabriel Richardson Lear: Philosophical Myth and Visual Metaphor

Thomas Pavel: The Craft of Mimesis

James Conant: Luca Giuliani on Image and Myth

4:30PM – 5:30PM

Round Table: Candace Vogler and the participants

For further information please contact Thomas Pavel.