Georg Simmel: Life, Self, Culture, Society

November 11-12, 2011

Franke Institute for the Humanities 

Sponsored by the Department of Germanic Studies and eight other University units, the Conference will include talks and discussions of a wide range of Simmelian topics, from social interaction, monetary dynamics, history, and psychology to music, art, literature, ethics, metaphysics, religion, and philosophical modernism.

Distinguished scholars from universities outside the United States include: Alessandro Cavalli, University of Pavia; Fabio D'Andrea, University of Perugia; Annette Disselkamp, University of Lille; Arthur Frank, University of Calgary; Austin Harrington, University of Erfurt; Thomas Kemple, University of British Columbia; Volkhard Krech, R.U. Bochum; and Ingo Meyer, Bielefeld University.

The Chair of the Department of Germanic Studies, Professor David Wellbery, will serve as Chair for the session "Culture: Music and Art" on Friday, November 11.

Participants associated with other units of the University will include: John Andrews (Sociology), Woody Carter (Public Policy), Paolo Castaño (Sociology), Elisabeth Clemens (Sociology), James Conant (Philosophy), Ryan Coyne (Divinity), Elizabeth Goodstein (Ideas and Methods), Berthold Hoeckner (Music), Hans Joas (Social Thought and Sociology), John Levi Martin (Sociology), Donald Levine (Sociology), Paul Mendes-Flohr (Divinity), Robert Pippin (Philosophy and Social Thought), Barry Schwartz (Sociology), Mario Small (Sociology), Tom Smith (Sociology) , and David Wellbery (Germanic Studies).

Sessions are free and open to observers, but due to limited space, those interested will need to register in advance with the Conference Staff at