Fortieth Annual German Studies Association Conference

September 29-October 2, 2016

We would like to acknowledge all of our faculty members and graduate students who participated in the Fortieth Annual German Studies Association Conference! 

Faculty Contributions
Margareta Christian
Seminar: "Lyric Matters"

Florian Klinger
Talk: "Life and Purpose" (Panel: "Re-reading Kant’s Critique of Judgment")

David Wellbery
Seminar: "Lyric Matters"

Christopher Wild
Talk: "'Grüne Gläser': Kleist’s Literary Epistomology and Anagnorisis" (Panel: "Anagnorisis and the Epistemology of Literature: From Kleist to Benjamin")

Graduate Student Contributions
Daniel Carranza
Seminar: "Lyric Matters"

Fabian Goppelsroeder (Visiting Scholar)
Talk: "Calendar Tale and the Poetics of Circumscribed Space" (Panel: "Media Aesthetics and Small Form: From Calendar Tale to Digital Microblogging"

Jessica Resvick
Talk: "Editing and Editions: Adalbert Stifter’s Die Mappe meines Urgroßvaters and the Recension of Memory" (Panel: The Business of Literature (3): Editorial Practice")
Moderator: "Anagnorisis and the Epistemology of Literature: From Kleist to Benjamin"

Alex Sorenson
Talk: "The Drowning Scene: Polis, Paralipsis, and Sacrifice in Theodor Fontane’s Unwiederbringlich" (Panel: "Theodor Fontane: Aesthetics, Rhetoric, Politics (2)")

Amy Stebbins
Talk: "From Green Glasses to Night Vision: Kleist’s Penthesilea at the Bavarian State Opera (2016)" (Panel: "Communicating War and Violence since 1914 (3): Multimedia War Transmissions")