Animal Studies Workshop

Please see our blog for our current meeting schedule.

The Animal Studies Workshop is an interdisciplinary group of graduate students and faculty who engage with animals, representations of animals, and human-animal relationships. The workshop serves to 1) explore the diversity of approaches and methodologies within the field of Animal Studies, 2) connect Animal Studies scholars across disciplines, 3) investigate the meaning and role of Animal Studies as an area of study within academia, and 4) provoke new lines of inquiry, inspire collaborations, and support individual work. For these purposes, the workshop hosts presentations of participants’ projects, invites pre-eminent Animal Studies scholars, engages with relevant readings, and encourages lively discussion. We meet every other week to discuss central texts in the growing field of Animal Studies. Scholars from any division, discipline, or institution are welcome and encouraged to attend. For regular announcements and the password to the readings, please subscribe to our list-host. You can read an introduction to animal studies and the workshop here