Event Archive

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Date Event Title
October 14, 2011 2011 Departmental Reception
November 11, 2011 Old Media – Modern (Re)Configuration
November 11-12, 2011 Georg Simmel: Life, Self, Culture, Society
December 1-3, 2011 Heinrich von Kleist's Invisible Theater
January 13, 2012 Presentations by Feodor Lynen Research Fellows
March 2-4, 2012 Stanley Cavell's Aesthetics
March 8-10, 2012 International Conference: EXEMPLARITY/SINGULARITY
May 4, 2012 Messianism and Prophecy: Figures of Twentieth-Century Thought
May 14, 2012 Eva Horn: The Last Man - Apocalypse as Anthropological Test Site
October 1, 2012 2012 Departmental Reception
October, 16th 2012 Armen Arvanessian: The Invention of the Present-Tense Novel
November 8, 2012 Adrian Daub: "Ein Blitz: Für Uns" - Stefan George's Queer Dynasty
January 15, 2013 Kristina Mendicino: Ungrounding Aesthetics: Friedrich Nietzsche’s and Aristoxenos’ Dance-Writing
February 12, 2013 Ulrike Wagner: Origin as Contest and Creation: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Herder's Religious Thinking
February 15, 2013 Margareta Christian: Air, Ether, Atmosphere: Space in Rilke's 'Duineser Elegien'
May 25th, 2013 Theater as Foreign Language Classroom/The Foreign Language Classroom as Theater
October 1, 2013 Departmental Reception 2013
October 24, 2013 John Urang: "Why Does Herr S. Run Amok? Werner Herzog's Lebenszeichen (Signs of Life, 1968)"
November 14, 2013 Dirk Oschmann: "Kafka: Freiheit und Fremdheit"
November 16, 2013 Workshop: Aristotle Revisited: Eleos and Phobos and the Invention of (Early) Modern Drama
November 21, 2013 Paul Buchholz: "Thomas Bernhard and the Hollow Earth, 1978"
December 4-5, 2013 Image and Myth Conference
January 24, 2014 Oh hoher Baum im Ohr!
February 6, 2014 Mary Helen Dupree: "Literary Declamation around 1800: Theory, Practice, Representation"
February 21, 2014 John Hamilton: "Goethe's Erotic Poetics"
April 17, 2014 Susanne Lüdemann: "Architekturen der Psyche"
May 16-17, 2014 Vanitas: Thinking Transience in Early Modern Europe
May 28, 2014 Film Screening: 'The Pin (Di Shpilke)'
June 5, 2014 Kerry Wallach: "Projecting and Detecting Jewishness: Jewish Passing in Weimar Germany"
June 19-22, 2014 in Wieboldt 408 Third Biannual Graduate Workshop Berlin-Cambridge-Chicago: "Living On"
Autumn 2014 Schmaltzywood: Yiddish Film Series
October 1, 2014 Departmental Reception 2014
October 14, 2014 Eric Santner: "The Weight of All Flesh: On the Subject-Matter of Political Economy"
October 16, 2014 Jan Mieszkowski: "Four Theses on Modern War"
January 15, 2015 Leonhard Hermann: "Literarische Vernunftkritik im Roman der Gegenwart"
February 20-21, 2015 Rhythm: A Transdisciplinary Concept
February 26, 2015 Nacim Ghanbari: "Asking for Corrections: Collaborative Writings in the Eighteenth Century"
March 4, 2015 Oliver Simons: "Kleist's 'Schlusskraft'"
April 02, 2015 Thomas Y. Levin: "'Don't Write! Melograph!': Gramophonic Audio Letters and the Media Archaeology of Voice Mail"
April 16, 2015 Gabriel Trop:"The Orphic Turn: Reflections on Rilke's Poetry”
May 4, 2015 Fatima Naqvi: "Fremdschämen: The Ethics of Embarrassment and the Films of Ulrich Seidl"
May 21, 2015 Joela Jacobs: "Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness in German Studies: Using an Online Portfolio on the Academic Job Market"
Animal Studies Workshop
Fall 2015 Eric Santner: "The Weight of All Flesh: On the Subject-Matter of Political Economy"
September 30, 2015 Michael Levine: "Speaking in Starts: Nachträglichkeit in Freud, Yerushalmi and Derrida"
October 29-31, 2015 The Idealism Project: Self-Determining Form and the Autonomy of the Humanities
October 22, 2015 Tamar Abramov: "On the Sovereign’s 'Personal Element': Kelsen, Schmitt, Brecht"
January 14, 2016 Hannah V. Eldridge: "Scientistic vs. Critical Prosody: Some Promises and Pitfalls"
February 17, 2016 Martin Blumenthal-Barby: "'Uncalculated Beauty': Harun Farocki’s Theory of Surveillance Imagery"
February 23, 2016 Evelyn Annuss: "On Horizontality: Aesthetics in the Time of Border Crisis"
March 2, 2016 Svea Bräunert: "Specters of Terrorism: Media Theory and Cultural History in West Germany"
March 7, 2016 Where Literature Begins: The Practice and Poetics of Multilingual Address
March 14-15, 2016 Humboldt Kolleg: "Schlusspoetik: Goethes Spätwerk"
April 07, 2016 Eva Horn: "Cultural Climatology. Thinking the Anthropocene, ca. 1800"
April 16, 2016 The Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry: "Several Skins"
April 26, 2016 Aaron Schuster: "Fasting and Method: Kafka as Philosopher"
May 5, 2016 Tove Holmes: "Eccentric Realism: Aberrations of Image and Text"
May 10, 2016 Helmut Puff: "Toward a History of Waiting: Mozart, Watteau, Müller"
May 27, 2016 Rodrigo Xavier: "Fernando Pessoa's Fausto: a Fragmentary Reading with Goethe as Paradigm"
September 29-October 2, 2016 Fortieth Annual German Studies Association Conference
October 1-2, 2016 The Inaugural Conference of The Society for German Idealism and Romanticism
October 6-7, 2016 Habitation: Literature and Architecture
October 7, 2016 Aaron Schuster: "On the Trouble with Pleasure: Deleuze and Psychoanalysis"
October 20, 2016 Gregor Moder: "Shakespeare with Wilder: On Comic Love"
January 13-15, 2017 Concepts of Aesthetic Form
February 3, 2017 Dean Krouk: Literature and Fascist Collaboration: The Case of the Poet Rolf Jacobsen
February 23-24, 2017 Tupac Cruz: "Walter Benjamin's Theory of Misfortune"
March 1, 2017 A Debate on Romanticism and August Wilhelm Schlegel.
March 30, 2017 Susanne Lüdemann: "Speech Unbound. Prose and the Problem of Form"
April 4, 2017 Jeffrey Shandler: "Queer Yiddishkeit: Practice and Theory"
April 5, 2017 Workshop: "The Holocaust for Beginners: Yankev Glatshteyn's 'Emil un Karl' and Other Wartime Writing for Young Readers"
April 10, 12 & 13, 2017 Special Seminar: Goethe's "Torquato Tasso"
April 14-15, 2017 Workshop: "The Praxis of Improvisation"
May 22, 2017 Barbara Vinken: “Fashion: An Oriental Colony in the West”
June 2, 2017 Urs Brüttner: "Nature Makes History: Narrating Nature in Gerhard Richter and Alexander Kluge’s 'December'"
June 28-July 1, 2017 Transatlantic Seminar: Chicago-Konstanz-Yale: "Gattungstheorie"
October 27-29, 2017 Performance and Workshop: The Book of J
November 3, 2017 Lecture: Mladen Dolar
November 10, 2017 Workshop: Alenka Zupancic
November 14, 2017 Lecture: Sabine Scholl
November 28, 2017 Lecture: Christian Metz
January 23, 2018 Sophie Salvo Public Lecture on "Gender, Language, and Narrative Form: Musil's Vereinigungen"
February 6, 2018 Marita Tatari Public Lecture on "Exzess der Form - Zu Kunst als Handlung nach Hegel"
March 23-24, 2018 Violence, Inc. hosted by Eric Santner (University of Chicago), María del Rosario Acosta (DePaul University), co-organized with Ilit Ferber, Adam Lipszyc, and Nassima Sahraoui
Friday, May 3rd 4:30pm RESCHEDULED: Yuliya Komska: "Why Write a Popular Biography of Children's Authors Now? Assessing the Archives of Margret and H. A. Rey, the Curious George Creators."
Thursday, May 24 - Saturday, May 26, 2018 Transatlantic Seminar
Thursday, October 11, 4:30 PM; Friday, October 12, 12:00 PM Yuliya Komska Lecture and Workshop, "Curious George and 'Monkey Literature'" and "Public scholarship in research and teaching: Pros and cons."
Nov 26, 5pm - 6pm, Nov 27 9am-4pm Conference - Linguistic Homelands: Modern Hebrew, Yiddish, and German Nov 26, 5pm - 6pm
February 7, 2019 Alexander Sorenson: "The Light and the Water: Between Hidden Order and Works of Love in the Early Writing of Adalbert Stifter"
February 13, 2019 Professor Catriona MacLeod (University of Pennsylvania): Double Edges: Scissors and Paper in Romanticism
February 15-16, 2019 The Legacy of Moishe Postone: Teacher, Historian, Critical Theorist
February 21, 2019 Literature and Philosophy Workshop: Florian Klinger, Lecture
March 7-10, 2019 Jessica Resvick: “Picturesque Visions: Adalbert Stifter’s Studien and Washington Irving’s Sketch-Book”
April 3, 2019 Literaturlenz: In Cooperation with the Goethe Institute of Chicago
April 11, 2019 Alexander Sorenson PhD Defense
April 12, 2019 US Premiere: Film Documentary on the Life and Work of Hans Blumenberg
April 15, 2019 Plato, the Parthenon, and Liberal Education
April 25-27, 2019 Workshop: Goethe’s Iphigenie auf Tauris
May 2, 2019 Ellen Cassedy discusses "On the Landing: Stories by Yenta Mash" with Jessica Kirzane
May 9-11, 2019 Conference: Emergence and Ground: Responding to the Work of Juliane Vogel
May 20, 2019 Bauhaus Centenary Lectures
Friday May 24th, 7:00pm Things to Come: An Off-Bauhaus Anniversary Screening with Joyce Tsai
October 10, 2019 Vance Byrd, “Making Memory: Nineteenth Century Illustrated Periodicals and Panoramas”
October 14, 2019 Dr. Peter Filkins: “Writing History, Writing Biography: Capturing H.G. Adler's Many Worlds“
October 15, 2019 Author Book Reading: Dr. William Boehart
October 17, 2019 Book Talk, Queer Expectations: A Genealogy of Jewish Women's Poetry, Zohar Weiman Kelman
October 24, 2019 Film Screening: Beyle: The Artist and Her Legacy
October 25, 2019 Mirjam Berg Defense
October 29, 2019 German Movie Night
November 15, 2019 Mladen Dolar, “On Rumors, Gossip, and Related Matters”
November 26, 2019 Reading with Belief: L iterary Romancein Goethe, Shakespeare, and Hitchcock
December 5, 2019 Alice Goff, The God Behind the Marble: The Fate of Art in the German Aesthetic State
01/22/2020; 2/5/20; 2/19/20; 3/4/20 Kaffeestunde
February 10, 2020 Cultural Islands and American Provinces: Locating Midwestern Yiddish Culture
02/13/2020 “The Aesthetics of Kinship” Heidi Schlipphacke (University of Illinois at Chicago)
March 4, 2020 Lecture: Professor Eckart Goebel (University of Tübingen) "Kafka's Beds"
March 12, 2020 Catriona MacLeod, Lecture Silke Otto-Knapp
April 6, 2020 “Always A Little Further”: On Exploration’s Poetic Remainder
April 7, 2020 Lecture: Joachim Küpper, The Concept of World Literature and the Plurality of Vernaculars