Language Study

German Language Instruction

First Year Sequence

  • Elementary German for beginners (GRMN 10100-10200-10300)
  • German "False Beginners" Course (GRMN 10201)

Second Year Sequence

  • Deutsche Märchen (GRMN 20100) 
  • Deutsch-amerikanische Themen (20200) 
  • Kurzprosa aus dem 20. Jahrhundert/Film im 20. Jahrhundert (GRMN 20300)

Third Year Sequence

  • Focus: Erzählen (GRMN 21103) 
  • Focus: Drama und Film (GRMN 21203) 
  • Focus: Gedichte (GRMN 21303) 

German Reading Courses

  • Reading German (GRMN 13100) 
  • German for Research Purposes (GRMN 33300)

German Summer Program

  • Elementary German for beginners (GRMN 10100-10200-10300)
  • Deutsche Märchen (GRMN 20100)
  • German for Research Purposes (GRMN 33300)

See Program Website.

Please see also the Department's course offerings for undergraduate students
For online resources for teachers and students of German, please visit the section "Learning German."

German Language Testing

Placement Testing

The German Placement Test is offered online to students registered at the University. Students may only take the Placement Test once. A score on the test does not confer credit, rather, it provides students with an entry point into the German language program.

Accreditation Testing

For issues regarding accreditation, please contact the Director of the Language Program, Catherine C. Baumann.

Competency Testing

Students in the College are required to demonstrate competence in a language other than English. Competence is defined as possessing reading, writing, listening, and, where appropriate, speaking skills equivalent to one year of college-level study. Students entering the College since Autumn Quarter 1999 can meet the language competence requirement in either of the following two ways:

  • A score of 3 or higher on an AP language or literature examination
  • A passing score on a College-administered competency examination.

Please see the College's Language Competence Requirements for specific information about the exam and the exam schedules. 

Proficiency Testing

The College has instituted an Advanced Foreign Language Certificate program, designed to recognize students with advanced proficiency in a foreign language. Students who successfully pass a University of Chicago oral and written proficiency test will receive a certificate of advanced proficiency in a foreign language and will have this proficiency noted on their transcripts. To be eligible to take this exam, a student must:

  1. be a non-native speaker of the language (this is a FOREIGN language test, therefore, no native speakers will be allowed to take the test);
  2. have taken AT LEAST through the second year level (or have placement credit through that level); 
  3. have lived in the foreign culture for AT LEAST 8 consecutive weeks (e.g. on a study abroad program or internship).

Please see the College's Advanced Foreign Language Certificate Program for more specific information.