Norwegian Language and Literature Courses

For information on the department's Norwegian language program, please contact the senior instructor for Norwegian, Kimberly Kenny (

First Year Norwegian I, II, III. 
NORW 10100-10200-10300. 

The aim of this sequence is to provide students with minimal proficiency in the four language skills of speaking, reading, writing, and listening - with a special emphasis on speaking. To achieve these goals, we undertake an overview of all major grammar topics and work to acquire a substantial vocabulary.
NB: NORW 10100 is offered every quarter; NORW 10200 only in Winter; NORW 10300 only in Spring.
Kimberly Kenny, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Intermediate Norwegian I. Introduction to Literature.
NORW 10400. 

PQ: NORW 10300 or consent of instructor. 
This course combines intensive review of all basic grammar with the acquisition of more advanced grammar concepts. While our main priority remains oral proficiency, we work to develop our reading and writing skills. We challenge our reading ability with more sophisticated examples of Norwegian prose and strengthen our writing through essay writing. The centerpiece of the course is the contemporary Norwegian novel Naiv. Super. 
Kimberly Kenny, Spring.

Nordic noir
NORW 24919/GRMN 24919 (Undergrad)
Kim Kenny

Described as a dark subset of the popular crime fiction genre, Scandinavian Crime or Nordic noir has come to command particular attention, not least because of its strong focus on setting, the Nordic landscape and nature.  Beyond the exotic setting, Scandinavian crime fiction provides a window into the welfare state, offering an unsparing critique of the current social and political model. In addition, this genre often features female protagonists, who occupy positions of power.  Still, while these elements explain the attraction to this fiction, there is something else. How do we explain the strange dissonance between the brutality of this crime fiction and the mild-mannered countries from which it derives?  In this course, we will examine a selection of Scandinavian crime fiction including novels from Larsson, Nesbø, Holt, Horst, Mankell and Sjöwall/Wahlöö, as well as secondary readings.

Reading and Research Course in Norwegian. 
NORW 29700. 

PQ: Consent of instructor and director of undergraduate studies. 
Students must consult with the instructor by the eighth week of the preceding quarter to determine the subject of the course and the work to be done. Students are required to submit the College Reading and Research Course Form. 
Kimberly Kenny, Autumn, Winter, Spring.