Ena Marija Gojak

Ena M. Gojak’s current research concerns German Idealist aesthetics, the philosophy of nature and Cavell. These theoretical interests help to orient her in the study of literary and visual art, focusing on the question of  genre and form on the one hand and the appeal to ethical imagination on the other. She received her MPhil from KU Leuven in Philosophy in 2016 with a thesis on analogical thought and aἰών  (meaning life and/or eternity) in Plato's Timaeus, addressing the problem of classifying the mode of discourse used to talk about the natural world. She completed her B.A. in the Humanities from Bard College in Berlin in 2012 where she wrote her thesis on the relation between lyric poetry and philosophy in the Phaedrus. In addition, she studied history of philosophy, comparative literature and art history at the New School for Social Research, Peter Szondi Institut at the Freie Universität and the University of Zagreb.