Yiddish Language and Literature Courses

Elementary Yiddish I, II, III.
YDDH 10100-10200-10300/37300-37400-37500; JWSC 20300-20400-20500

PQ for YDDH 10200: YDDH 10100 or instructor consent. PQ for 10300: 10200 or instructor consent. No auditors permitted.
The goal of this sequence is to develop proficiency in Yiddish reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Touchstones of global Yiddish culture are also introduced through song, film, and contemporary Yiddish websites. 
Autumn, Winter, Spring. 

Intermediate Yiddish I
YDDH 20100; YDDH 39500 and JWSC 27301

PQ for YDDH 201: YDDH 10300 or consent of instructor. No auditors permitted.
Description: This course supports students as they engage advanced grammatical concepts. Specific attention is paid to reading and writing at an advanced level and in different registers.
For more information about Yiddish at University of Chicago, please read the article "Yiddish Renaissance at Chicago" by graduate student Andrew Sloin, which appeared in the Spring 2005 issue of the Newsletter of the Committee on Jewish Studies, and refer to our list of Yiddish resources.